Wigroup business plan

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We secure global investments from Virgin Group & Smollan

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wiGroup secures global investment from Virgin Group and Smollan

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wiGroup Named Winner Of The FNB Innovation Awards 2016

Bevan founded wiGroup 10 years ago at the age of 24 after getting a BCom from Stellenbosch University. This year Sir Richard Branson bought a stake in the business joining other Wigroup investors such as Investec and Capital Eye Investments.

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This Is What Bevan Ducasse Did When He Realised wiGroup’s Revenue Model Wasn’t Working

Entrepreneur Magazine South Africa – The ultimate how-to guide for starting & improving a business. This Is What Bevan Ducasse Did When He Realised wiGroup’s Revenue Model Wasn’t Working: Auto Repair Shop Business Plan Sample - Start up an auto repair shop using this.

We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. wiGroup is driven by innovation, and their mission has long been the simplification of world financial transactions.

The company led by Endeavor Entrepreneur, Bevan Ducasse, recently closed a deal with Virgin Founder, Richard Branson, and the two businesses plan to bypass EFT transactions in South Africa using Virgin Money Spot.

Celebrating 10 years of Innovation in Mobile Tech

wiGroup CEO Bevan Ducasse says the investment comes as the company is looking to accelerate its global expansion program. "Our presence in Europe and expansion into Australasia and emerging markets will be fast-tracked by leveraging both Virgin Group and Smollan's extensive global networks.

The reluctant CEO Wigroup business plan
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wiGroup secures investment from Virgin Group & Smollan