Lattana business plan


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Lattana Dairy Job Vacancy : HR Manager

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We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Quality Health plan for Everyone. Business Hours: Open 24 hrs: Address: B. lukmeuang, Pakse Dist: Care for: General Practice.


Lattana Dairy is a locally owned, locally focused dairy enterprise that is founded on our desire to provide affordable, nutritious and enjoyable dairy products. We are passionate about the experience we deliver every day and we want to breathe new life and energy into the industry as a whole.

This role is suitable for an individual who has a passion for developing people and has very strong organisational skills. One who is able to communicate with people from various. Lattana is looking to aggressively increase its market share within the Nairobi metropolis.

It is seeking a Marketing Executive who can define and quickly adjust creative consumer focused strategies and implementation plans in order to meet its ambitious market share and revenue goals.

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Lattana business plan
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